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This includes case-studies of anything out of the ordinary: Ambient media, guerilla, events and other fun stuff. 

Permoglaze Paint - We speak your colour

Ambient brand awareness. In a country where many buildings are not painted, our idea was to spread the uplifting effect of colour to everyday life of Mauritius. 


We selected 10 buildings throughout the island, that had billboards attached to them. Each billboard was given it's own teaser design. During following week, the bilboard design spread onto the building. Each 12 square meter media space become hundreds of square meters of visibility, with a message that lasted as long as the paint. 


Created at Circus, with Creative Director: Vincent Montocchio.

Writer: Wassim Sookia. Production: Yusuf Moreea.


Winner: Loeries - Ambient media - Bronze

Mauritian Creative awards - Best Original Idea

Mauritian Creative awards - Outdoor - Gold

The Creatives - Best Outdoor - Gold

Maputo Ad Festival - Outdoor - Silver

BOI - Global Equity Conference

The brief from The Board of Investment Mauritius was to design the brand and to come up with an event concept for the first Global Equity Conference held in Mauritius in 2009.


The challenge was to make the event unique and to give it the flavour and hospitality that Mauritius is so well known for.


Created at Circus: Concept and creative by Vincent Montocchio

and Craig Murley, and the entire studio of Circus.


The Creatives - Best Logo and Packaging - Gold

Mauritian Creative Awards - Event - Gold

Samsung - New S3 launch ambient

With the launch of the Samsung S3, we proposed the use of ambient media to bring the unique features to life. The idea was to use the oversized versions of the new handset design to communicate with the public in malls, where the new handsets were on sale. 


Created at Circus: Concept and creative by Sharon Gouges

and Craig Murley. Production Manager Yusuf Moreea.

Blue sky - Bringing the world closer

Ambient brand awareness promoting Blue Sky, a Mauritian Travel agency specialising in international travel packages and flight bookings. In Port Louis a very busy pedestrian tunnel, which runs under the highway, was made to feel like the famous underground of London, and the Metro of Paris. Signage and the graphic systems of these destinations were installed with the line: "Bringing Europe Closer".


We also used other areas of Port Louis, together with street performers to spread the message.  


Created at Circus: Concept and creative by Vincent Montocchio

and Craig Murley.


The Creatives - Best Ambient - Gold

Maputo Ad Festival - Integrated Campaign - Silver

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