I love making emotion through sound and music.
Song writing, sound design, logo signatures, and sound-track
mixing. Original tracks are created in my home studio under my indie brand, Ant Radio.


If I can't do it, I'll tell you. 

Craig Murley - Voice Acting
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Beach No.6 - Ant Radio
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Dream No.2 - Ant Radio
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Yellow No.9 (Work in progress) - Ant Radio
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Voice Over and Audio design, as well as remixing library music from the music stems provided.

An event movie to share the vision of a new project underway in Mauritius. 

This film was made using Stock footage and Stock Music, using iMovie and Garageband. Created at Circus with Copywriter: Nanda Pavaday and Creative Director: Vincent Montocchio. Additional Production footage by AVS Mauritius.


Night Sky 8 - Ant Radio
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Satellites - Ant Radio
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Wind Piano No.4 (Work in progress) - Ant Radio
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Darkness No.5 (Work in progress) - Ant Radio
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Music: Music for and experimental film - D U A L I T Y. Filmed and edited in Zug Switzerland, this personal project is a strange and scenic experiment that works upside down or right way up. Both versions give a different feeling. Simply rotate your device to see the alternate version. 

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e: craig@elasticstudio.ch          m: +41 (0)79 866 6818